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The artist

Evgeniya Dmitrieva
The Director of the band, vocalist, soprano.

The creator and the ideological encourager of the ensemble “Polyane”.

Maria Terunova
Vocalist, alto,balalaika playing.
«Gym Bunny” with balalaika. The Fitness girl of the band! She can sing, dance and teach you fitness at the same time.
Vera Keller
Vocalist, alto.
The “common sense” of the band “Polyane”. She can cool down any conflict and diffuse any situation.
Evgeniya Zykova
Vocalist, alto
Our craft-worker, the author of the exclusive stage prop like Maslyanitsa effigy, the puppet nativity scene and the others
Maria Chuchalova
Vocalist, second soprano.

The joy and merriment of the band. Maria's presence means positive and joyful spirit of the party.

Elena Golovina
Vocalist, second soprano
The “energizer” of the band. The youngest but much talented member of the ensemble.
Mikhail Narvatov
The choir master of the band, vocalist, baritone.
The brain and strength of the band. He can not only sing at the event but carry it out from the beginning to the end and make everybody be pleased.
Aleksandr Zykov
Multi-instrumentalist, sound producer, vocalist, tenor

The “mainstay” of the band “Polyane”. There is nothing impossible for Aleksandr! He can play any musical instrument, sing any genre and set the musical equipment by himself as well.

Rostislav Kuleshov
Vocalist, baritone

An intelligent and professional player as well as a good companion, family man and an awesome Father Frost.

Timur Zolotykh
Vocalist, tenor,arranger.
Our flinty Cossack leader on the stage, and the most joyful and smiley man out of the stage.
Yury Krechunyak
The bayanist.
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